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    Želim stupiti u kontakt sa domaćinom koji iznajmljuje smještaj u Kini. Šta trebam znati?

    Airbnb operates our business in the People's Republic of China (which for these purposes, excludes Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) (“China”) through Airbnb Internet (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Airbnb China”).

    When you send a message to a host regarding that host’s listing in China, your information, including your name, profile picture and message content sent via the Airbnb platform will be transferred to, stored, used and processed by Airbnb China.

    Like all business operating in China, Airbnb China has to comply with local laws and regulations, including privacy and information disclosure laws. Similar to other hospitality companies that do business in China, Airbnb China will disclose your information to Chinese government agencies without further notice to you.

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