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    Da biste pronašli opcije otkazivanja i povrata novca, odaberite rezervaciju na stranici Putovanja. Naši uslovi koji se odnose na vanredne okolnosti primjenjuju se samo na određene rezervacije. Ako je vaš datum dolaska nakon 15. jula, vratite se na ovu stranicu 15. juna 2020. godine i potražite novosti.

    Može li Airbnb deaktivirati moj račun?

    Airbnb may limit, suspend, or deactivate your account, as outlined in our Terms of Service.

    Your account may be temporarily deactivated due to your response rate or acceptance rate. To reactivate your account in this case, follow the steps in the email that you received.

    Your account may be deactivated during a review of Airbnb accounts. Account Reviews are part of an effort to uphold our Community Standards, our Terms of Service, and foster mutual trust. Your account may also be deactivated or suspended as the result of an issue reported to our Customer Service team. Airbnb takes safety very seriously, and if we receive a report of a violation of our Community Standards, we will investigate the report and take appropriate action.

    While our goal is to provide users with information about actions we take on your account, the following may occur with or without notifying you directly:

    • Your account can be deactivated or suspended
    • You may not be able to access the platform, your account or content, or receive assistance from Airbnb Community Support

    If your account is deactivated or suspended, any upcoming pending or accepted reservations you have as either a host or guest can be canceled, and you may not be entitled to any compensation for the reservations that were canceled as a result of your suspension. We also may:

    • Communicate to the appropriate guests or hosts that their reservation was canceled.
    • Refund guests in full, regardless of the cancellation policy.
    • Contact guests about alternative accommodations that may be available.
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